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We are your partner for low cost production in Europe.

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience in production of mechanical components and tools in eastern and southern Europe, we know and understand what make the wheels spinning in this region.

With our well maintained network of producers, we can provide most type of mechanical components and assemblies. Less suppliers for our customers is cost effective. The combination of lower prices and less suppliers gives our customer a great synergy effect. This, together with short and fast transports, make us a very good alternative to sourcing in for instance the Far East.

Our Warehouse and Logistic Center is to be found in Budapest, Hungary, in the heart of South Eastern Europe.

Customer Benefits

  1. Minimizing of suppliers and contacts

  2. Local production from South-East Europe

  3. Just in time deliveries from our Warehouse

  4. Increased speed of warehouse turnover and cash flow

  5. Transport within 24 hours when required

  6. Project teams secure the start-up of new projects



Sheet metal processing

Hydraulic presses 40-800t - Eccentric presses 25-250t
- Deep drawing up to 1800t
- 3D laser cutting
- Water cutting
- MIG and TIG Welding
- Powder coating

Turning and milling

- Turning in bar feeded lathes 1-60mm, multi and single spindle
- Turning up to 1000mm dia L up to 5m
- Milling up to 2000x1000x1000mm


- Die Casting 160-1200t
- Al Gravity Casting up to 20kg
- Investmentcasting/Lost Wax

Plastic injection moulding

Locking force 25-1800t

Tool Production

Progressive dies
Injection-mould dies
Die-casting dies
Deep-drawing dies

About our Services

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A selection of customer applications

Lasercut and welded parts for construction equipment
Machined components for forklifts
Forged and machined componets for hydraulics
Waterfilters for snowmaking
Die-casted products for elevators
Multi-spindle turned components for engines

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